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What is the best time to do sport

Doing sports in the afternoon and evening
Some studies have found that the body’s ability to exercise is higher in the afternoon and evening, and the following points show the reason for this:
The body temperature is between two and six in the evening at its highest levels: the period during which the body is almost ready for exercise, which enhances muscle strength, enzyme activity, and endurance.
The body reacts quickly in the afternoon and evening: It is important to do intense exercises, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and running on a treadmill, and the heart rate and blood pressure are lower in Late noon, which reduces the risk of injuries and improves performance.
The body’s ability to absorb oxygen in the evening increases: Therefore, the body needs less time to warm up, which increases the effectiveness of exercises and the person’s ability to focus on them.
Help to enjoy a good sleep: One study showed that people who lift weights in the evening enjoyed a better and longer sleep compared to people who practiced the same exercise in the morning, but this benefit may not apply to all people.
Benefits of exercise
You can do a variety of exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming, and dancing, and the following points demonstrate the benefits of physical and mental exercise when practiced regularly:
Improves mood, reduces feelings of anxiety, tension, and depression, regardless of the intensity of physical activity, as it helps to increase the sensitivity of the brain to the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which help relieve feelings of depression, as well as increase the production of endorphins Endorphins help create positive emotions and reduce pain.
Increase metabolism rates, burn calories, lose excess weight, and maintain a healthy weight.
It plays a vital role in building and maintaining muscles and bones with age, as it reduces the risk of osteoporosis, reduces fatigue, and raises energy levels.
Improved brain function, memory, and thinking skills; It increases the heart rate, which increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.
Relieves chronic pain and increases tolerance, such as chronic lower back pain and fibromyalgia.
Improve skin health, delay signs of aging; This is because it enhances blood flow.
Tips to encourage exercise
The following points show some tips to encourage exercise and make it part of your daily routine:
Exercise everyday habits in a more active way, such as climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to a co-worker’s office instead of sending an email, washing the car, and queuing away from the destination.
Doing activities with friends and family; Having a companion helps you enjoy it.
Have fun exercising; You can listen to music or watch TV while exercising.
Find activities that can be done when the weather is bad, such as walking in the malls, climbing stairs, and exercising in the gym.

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