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What is the best time to do sport


The World Health Organization has defined physical activity as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that require a drain of energy, such as activities during work, play, household chores, travel, and recreational activities. As for exercise, it is a sub-part of physical activity. It is planned, implemented, and repeated a number of times, and aims to improve and maintain physical fitness. Lack of physical activity is considered one of the main risk factors for death, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. It is worth noting that 80% of adolescents in the world do not engage in insufficient physical activity, and one in four persons in the world does not engage in insufficient physical activity.
The best time to do exercise
It is difficult to find time to exercise with a busy work schedule and social life, and the results of studies appear to be contradictory about the best time to exercise, so exercise is important regardless of the time of day. As it is really important to find the right time, and it is worth noting that it is possible to try exercising in the morning, in the afternoon, and early in the evening to find out the right time that the person enjoys and feels better, and it is also possible to diversify times and exercises to maintain activity and not be bored, Be careful not to exercise immediately after meals. It is advisable to wait an hour and a half after eating a heavy meal to exercise. This is because the blood that the body needs for muscle movement goes to the digestive system for digestion. The following is an explanation of the benefits of exercising at different times of the day:
Doing exercise in the early morning
Many studies indicate that early morning is the best time to exercise, and the following points explain the reason for this:
Exercising in the morning increases physical activity throughout the day: it increases the rate of metabolism, which means that a person will continue to burn calories throughout the day compared to exercising in the evening.
Exercising in the morning helps improve sleep compared to afternoon or evening exercises: which may negatively affect sleep. As it increases heart rate and body temperature, sweating late at night can impede the ability to sleep.
Exercising on an empty stomach helps to burn more fat: fat burning increases by 20% when exercising on an empty stomach before breakfast.

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