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Ways to apologize

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Lauren Blume, a lawyer, minister of religions, and author of “The Art of Apology,” says that an apology should be in the form of a dialogue, not a one-sided conversation, and the person who was offended should be able to express the feelings that the wrong person caused him, to be able to overcome This problem, where the person must try to listen well, sympathize with the person who wants to apologize.
Acknowledge a mistake :
Admitting a mistake is one of the most important things a person can do to apologize to someone, according to Dr.Elisabeth M. Minnie, where the person who committed the mistake should acknowledge and explain what he understood about why the other person was hurt, and the reason for doing this is that an apology without explaining why the person understood how his actions and words affected the other person will reduce the impact on the listener, according to Elizabeth
Demonstrate a willingness to change :
A person should define a plan to deal with such a situation he is exposed to in the future, for his mistake not to be repeated, and the person must act differently in the future, so doing this will reduce the chance of hurting the other party, and it will show his ability to change himself for the sake of this person, For example, he can say that he does not want this to happen again, and about how unhappy.
Avoid blaming :
Avoiding blame and responsibility on the other side is one of the most difficult steps of apology, as most people tend to identify the points that provoked his anger on the other side, and prompted him to act in a certain way, and according to Ronda Mirad’s social relations treatment, one person says to another that he would not have acted in this way had he not acted The other person shows that he is not responsible for his mistakes, as blaming them leads to the void of the apology.

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