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Un test Rapide de QI

6- You had one match stick in a matchbox and you entered a dark and cold room containing a wood-burning stove, a kerosene lamp, and a candle. What would you light up first?

7. A bear entered a rectangular house with its four corners facing south. Question: What color is the bear? 

8. On a plate of 3 apples, you took two apples from them. How many apples do you have?

9. How many animals of each type did Moses, peace be upon him, carry on his ship?

10. You are a bus driver carrying 43 people from Chicago .. The bus stopped at St. Petersburg to carry 7 passengers and got off 5. At Cleveland, it rode 4 and got off. 20 hours later, the bus arrived in Philadelphia. What is the name of the driver?

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