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The most famous cat breeds

There are many cat breeds, but the following are the most famous:

Siamese cat  :

Siamese cats are distinguished by marks or areas of a color other than the color of the body on the face, ears, feet, and tail, although there may be some Siamese cats that do not have these signs, and many Siamese cats have a tail that ends with a knot. Some Siamese cats have an apple-like head and a chubby body, and some have a larger head and slender body.

Persian cat:

A cat with a nice face, and a short snout, also called the Iranian cat, or the Shirazi cat in relation to the city of Shiraz in Iran, and is distinguished by its long and beautiful fur that does not have a specific color, but you can find Persian cats in almost all colors.

Maine Coon Cat :

One of the cats that are characterized by great popularity, which is large in size and has thick fur, often brown in color, but it can be found in any other color. Maine Queen cats have an extra toe that increases foot size; It’s an adaptation that helps her hunt when it snows.

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