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Information on health and beauty

Information on health and beauty

Eat healthy food:

It is advised to eat food in moderation, and to avoid excessive eating, while giving the stomach a chance to digest the food eaten, in addition to that it is advised to remain faraway from eating until fullness because this results in the body gaining excess weight, and one among the foremost important foods that cause weight gain and harm health and it is advised to avoid it: Foods that contain artificial materials, colors, sugars, and excessive fats, so it is recommended to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, white and red meats, and legumes such as beans. Because it’s one of the foods beneficial to the health of the body.

Sleep enough hours:

Sleep affects the mental and physical health of the physical body, as lack of or no sleep results in the work of the many body functions, such as an imbalance in the body’s metabolism process. the psychological effect on the human being, a decrease in concentration and memory, changes in mood, people being stressed, Lack of sleep also affects the health of the guts, blood vessels, and therefore the system, so it’s recommended to urge a sufficient number of hours of sleep in order that the body can perform its physical functions well, in addition to its ability to renew cells and repair damaged ones, which the body cannot do during The period of waking up.

Doing exercises:

Exercise contributes to the prevention of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, blood vessels, and colon cancer, as it helps treat depression, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis, so it is recommended to take regular exercise for a period of 30-60 minutes a day, five Once a week because this helps the body perform its functions and control weight.

Hair and skincare:

Hair and skin are important matters that must be taken care of, as they are a source of natural beauty for women, so the skin must be maintained continuously and treated, and bathed regularly, and a spotlight must be paid to cleaning the hair, combing it with a brush, and keeping it smelling fresh.

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