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How to train cats

the cats :
Cats are carnivorous animals from the feline family, whose relatives are tigers, cheetahs, and lions. They have a good reputation with humans because of their friendliness, intelligence, dependence on themselves, and their tendency to play, entertain, and interact with humans. Domestic cats, which are also called domestic, domestic and domestic cats, are very similar to their counterparts that live in the wild, as they are graceful creatures with a strong body and sharp claws and teeth dedicated to hunting small animals, such as mice, rats, birds, and lizards, and cats have a great skill in hiding. And hunting.
How to train cats
The cat owner can play with him in different ways, and cats love to be stroked, especially touching their jaws, patting the hand on the top of their head, and massaging the back of their neck and their front and back legs. The cat must be vaccinated against common and infectious diseases, such as secretions, fever, and enteritis, and that is by injecting them with anti-infectious and common diseases.
Basic training
One of the most important points in training cats is training them to know their name, especially when they eat, and the reason for that is that the cat in the eating stage is a good listener and is a direct listener of everything around him. And the food is very essential in training; It is the reward that makes the cat realize that he has done a good job and that he must do more of it in order to get other rewards. When starting to train the cat, it is advisable to prepare a device that emits a constant type of sound, such as a whistle or crackling (a tool that has a bell that rings with every pressure), as such sounds help to attract the cat’s attention and knowledge that he is undergoing training, and the usual method is to use the whistle or bell and then Offering food to the cat so that he can link the sounds that these tools make to the training session, and without them, he will not understand why the food reward is given to him and he will consider it a mere gift.
Call the cat
For example, to train the cat to come to its owner when desired, it is necessary to start at mealtime. Before opening the cat’s food box or pouring its contents into the dish, the trainer must ring once together with his sonic instrument, and with a touch repetition, the cat will understand that this sound means something good has happened (which is that he gets the food), and so he will hear the sound as soon as he comes to his owner If released outside of normal eating times. You can start calling the cat from short distances, and reward him – when he comes – with some food, after which the cat will get used to it.
Use of the bathroom
Cats can also be trained to use the bathroom, but this may be a little difficult. In normal situations, the cat should have a litter container in which he knows that he must leave his litter in it, and the trick in the matter is to change the location of the container constantly; First, it must be moved to the bathroom, then it must be gradually brought closer to the bathroom chair so that the cat gets used to approaching it, and finally, it must be placed on top of the chair so that he is forced to climb over it whenever he wants to relieve himself, and at the end, the bowl can be removed completely, and when the cat does not find it, he will start using the bathroom chair in a normal way.
the demand
When it is desired to train the cat to see or ask for things, the owner can simply raise a piece of food in front of him (just above his head) and they represent the movement of supplication. The cat will then have to stand on its calf feet and raise its body and front legs to be able to reach the food, and then you must tap with the sound tool to give the cat a sign that this was training, and then provide him with food. After some training, the cat will be ready to stand up and perform this request movement without being given any food.

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