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How to raise small dogs

How to raise small dogs
Vary according to their breeds, but all of them belong to one type called the domesticated dog, which is believed to have been a type of gray wolf until their subspecies separated approximately forty thousand years ago. The dog has accompanied humans since prehistoric times, which made it friendly to humans and adapted to their behaviors and way of life in a more special way than any other living organism, for example, dogs can depend in their food on food full of starches, which does not apply to any An animal from its relatives like the wolf, the fox, and the jackal.
The dog is considered to be the type of pet that the owner becomes familiar with if he is taken to it, and he will be for him as a loyal friend, and the domesticated dogs vary in their breeds, each of which has its own function for humans. Some of them are used for guarding, some are used for hunting, some are used for grazing sheep and livestock, and some are used to pull sleds in the polar regions, and some are dogs for decoration and entertainment only. Dogs need special care and attention, especially dogs of small size.
Small dog breeds
Small dogs differ in their types and breeds, and they are distinguished by their beauty and softness, and many want to acquire them and raise them in their homes due to their small size and delicacy, and there are many girls who love them for their easy upbringing and simplicity of dealing with them. A small dog, according to the definition, is any type of dog whose normal body height is less than 45 centimeters, or whose average weight is less than ten kilograms. Dozens of dog breeds fall under this classification, which is sold mainly as pets for companionship.
Among the most famous of these breeds is the Mexican Chihuahua dog, which is distinguished by its high intelligence and ferocity, [2] and there is a type of Icelandic dog called the Pomeranian for its resemblance to an owl, and this type of dog is considered very friendly and loves to have fun, play and jogging and is never afraid, and there is also a poodle that is distinguished by its fur And with his love of fun, there is a type of dog called the Pug, which is one of the ancient breeds, and there is also a type of pampered dog that loves attention and care. These dogs are called Shih Tzu and are distinguished by their beautiful soft fur, and this type loves pampering and expects it from its owner, and he also loves to brush his hair with the brush, And he loves water and fun.
How to raise small dogs
Small dogs need special care, as they need a lot of food in order for their growth to compete in a healthy way until their fur fully grows and strengthens, and they need rest, sleep,
and pampering, as well as fun, play and fun to learn and discover their environment. Whatever the dog’s breed differs, its need for special breeding, attention, and care, each according to its type and needs, remains among the most important methods that must be taken into consideration in raising dogs:
– Reading about the type of dog that a person wants to acquire, knowing its characteristics, character, type of breed to which it belongs, diseases to which it is exposed, as well as knowing its entire history.
-Learn the basics of dog breeding or research and reading about it in order to start teaching the puppy and be patient with it, especially if the dog lives in the same house, and the start with him is to give him some simple instructions and important exercises, such as not barking unless he sees a stranger, and not sitting on the bed or sofa Going to the specified time to relieve himself so that he becomes accustomed to these principles and becomes part of his daily life. The acclimatization stage is usually at a young dog (who is a puppy), and it is the most basic and difficult stage in training these animals, and after overcoming them, the dog retains the habits that it has acquired for most of his life.
– All family members must be acquainted with the foundations and exercises that the dog owner began to teach to the small puppy so that everyone deals according to these rules so that things do not mix with the dog, which leads to its confusion and not knowing the correctness of the system on which it was trained, and this is very fundamental. It might spoil the whole training task.
– Offering a puppy uplifting and rewarding him whenever he does something in the correct way, and that is by providing food for him, patting him or caressing him, and the best is moderation in rewarding him, as one time every few days, so that the rewards do not become a habit and daily behavior.
– Take the dog to the parks to see people; Dogs themselves love gatherings and hate loneliness, and they consider the house in which they live as part of these gatherings.
– Engaging in physical activity with the dog, such as walking with him or playing and having fun; These beings have a great energy that exceeds the energy of man many times over, and neglecting this point makes them feel lonely and bored, so they tend to bark and aggression.
– The mental stimulation of the puppy is one of the important things that keep boredom and routine away, and dogs have the ability to acquire many skills in dealing with humans, such as trying to ask for help with something, searching for a purpose, or performing sports and games.

-Accustom the dog to remain reception alone for a couple of hours, but you want to take care to not prolong the amount that the dog will spend alone in order that he does not tend to ferocious and aggressive.
-Building a little hut for the dog and getting him won’t to sleeping in it helps to offer him an area in order that he’s not always inside the house, and for the dog to urge won’t to sleeping at certain times, and to erode the days allocated to him when his food bowl near his house is filled.
-The words of rejection and prohibition must be made clear to the dog so that he understands them and remain clear to him when the need to use them arises, and he can be accustomed to a hand gesture indicating to him the refusal of what he is doing or used as a kind of reprimand, which makes him abstain from his work.
-Conducting full and periodic examinations of the dog, inspecting its health condition, taking care of its cleanliness and its external appearance, and giving him special vaccinations with a specialized veterinarian, and such care may be expensive, so it can be sufficient to conduct it once a year, for example, but if symptoms of disease or a change in the dog’s health appear to Take him to the vet immediately.

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