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How to get psychological comfort

How to get psychological comfort
Psychological comfort is an important requirement for the proper coexistence of the individual with himself and with his community, and there are some things that help the individual in obtaining his psychological comfort and psychological stability, as follows:
– Acknowledgment of the possessed capabilities and the limits of these capabilities, satisfaction with them and life on their basis; That is, it is important for the individual to avoid imitating those around him because he cannot possess the skills, capabilities, or high competencies that are not commensurate with his available capabilities. Because that will lead him to failure and frustration, or to monitor those who have better economic conditions than him and his sad outlook towards his life, so this individual will live in a state of misery and unhappiness because he does not have what others possess.
– Expressing positive feelings towards others, expressing love and expressing it at any time, place and time, and indifference to the admiration or rejection of people for that, and this expression adds to the individual stock of love in others that he may need if he is exposed to any symptom or a psychological crisis that makes him need this Inventory.
– Apologizing and admitting to mistakes. Because this gives the individual comfort and reassurance, takes him out of the circle of remorse and self-flogging, and leaves a positive impact on the souls of others towards him, in addition to the individual’s perception of himself.
– forgiveness and not storing hatred and hatred in the souls, for they are feelings that rob the positive energy of love to be replaced by hatred and revenge with all their harmful negative energy and preoccupation with it. It relieves the individual from the burdens of hate and hatred and all that follows that.
– Moving away from negative habits, and trying to acquire new and positive habits that give psychological happiness to the self, and to act and think about the limits of this habit, and try to create it, and try to think in its practical framework, practice life, and convince the self that it is behaving in a proper and correct manner. The self, and employing it in the learning process is useful in establishing healthy qualities.
– Not anticipating bad news, living in a state of fear of the unknown, and constant anxiety about the occurrence of the calamity, and thus the individual’s thoughts guide him towards this calamity, in addition to more continuous pessimism, and the loss of psychological comfort and happiness.
– Building a solid psychological foundation towards negative thoughts that would disturb the psychological stability and psychological comfort of the individual, and this construction is by training the individual for himself to deny the feeling of unhappiness, misery, and anxiety, affirming feelings of hope, happiness, and success, enjoying everything that is beautiful, and ignoring everything that is bad.
– Individual determination of his goal in life, and the purpose he seeks to achieve and reach; The existence of this goal determines the life course of the individual, raises the level of his motivation to achieve, and overcomes the obstacles that face him, as living without a goal makes the individual a lost person without a clear purpose, and thus he is more prone to anxiety and fear and disturbing psychological stability.

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