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How to get psychological comfort


Psychological comfort
The individual faces in his life a lot of pressures and problems that he must solve and deal with, the positive response to these influences enables the individual to be able to overcome them, and prevent the control of anxiety, fear, and negative uncomfortable feelings that lead in an advanced stage to psychological disorders and then to the fluctuation of psychological stability, unhappiness, etc. So, the ability to properly control the external factors that face the individual while achieving his goals provides him with a proper and basic structure of health and psychological comfort, and thus the safety of psychological and social harmony.
The concept of psychological comfort
Psychological comfort is one of the most prominent signs and indications of a person’s mental health. Among the most prominent signs of psychological comfort: the feeling of inner happiness, harmony, and tolerance towards oneself, giving it its due, and the ability to effectively exploit daily positive experiences; Psychological comfort is the feeling of inner peace and tranquility, as it opens new horizons for the individual, and provides him with many opportunities to acquire different experiences and knowledge, in addition to increasing the level of awareness and stability according to these experiences and knowledge. For the individual with himself and his society, in addition to the important interaction with the material and moral influences and their harmony with feelings and feelings in a smooth and harmonious way.

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