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How to deal with others

Interactions between people must be based on morals and affection, so when the interaction is based on good style and a tactful way of speaking, then mutual respect prevails between people, and of course, people have different moods, some of them are calm, nervous, friendly, stubborn, and so on. And when each person appreciates and accommodates the other person as much as possible, this leads to avoiding quarrels and problems between people, and of course, when adhering to the morals advocated by religion, this forms a clear picture of the proper manner in dealing with others.
We can call the method of dealing with others, called (art), as it is a way for a person to adapt to the people who deal with, or will deal with, whether in the neighborhood, work, or the market, or any place in which he is, and assessing people’s conditions and dealing with them according to Certain limits, helps to make a person an artist in dealing with others, accepting them, and understanding them.
Steps to engage with others
Start the day with a smile
When we maintain our smile, especially when waking up from sleep, or arriving at work, this contributes to gaining the affection and respect of others, and thus we can reduce work pressure and increase mutual respect, among colleagues, and with people.
Offer help to others
It is very nice, that we help others as much as we can in that, especially when someone asks us to help him, in doing some of the things that he is unable to do, such as elderly people, or those suffering from diseases, and thus we can create an atmosphere Of love and harmony with others.

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