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How do you know that your health is good

The ability to perform pressure exercises twenty times in a row, this is an indication that the muscles of the human body receive oxygen and food well, and it also indicates that the body can do its functions well.
The ability to run a distance of one thousand six hundred meters in a period not exceeding fifteen minutes is another strong indication of the enjoyment of good health.
Regular excretion of waste, evidence that bowel movement is regular, and that the digestive system is in good health, and is working as required.
Sleeping and waking up daily at the same time, evidence of the regularity of the biological clock in the brain, and the regularity of the biological clock in a healthy body.
The weight should be proportional to the normal weight.
Knowing the last date in which the doctor was visited, and taking the necessary tests to ensure the health of the body, is evidence of the extent of health concern.

Health rules :

Exercising daily, as well as walking daily for at least half an hour.
Eat a healthy, balanced diet, and drink enough water daily.
Sleep long enough and comfortably.

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