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How do you know that your health is good

the health

Health is the individual’s enjoyment of the highest levels of physical, psychological, spiritual, and mental wellness, meaning that he does not suffer from any disease, and health is the responsibility of every individual towards his body, and many steps help the individual to recognize that his body is healthy and healthy, or that he suffers from some problem These steps are highly effective, especially in light of the crowding in life that limits the individual’s ability to visit the doctor, and these steps did not come randomly or absurdly but were developed by a group of doctors and scientists, and the enjoyment of good health needs to adhere to a set of standards and sound daily rules.

Steps to ensure good health

The heart rate should be about seventy beats per minute, and it is possible to know the number of heartbeats by placing the right-hand index and middle fingers on the left wrist, or on the neck and counting the beats for a period of thirty minutes, then multiplying the result by two, if the number is Heart rate is less than the normal number. Exercise should be exercised that stimulates blood circulation and thus expands the area of ​​veins and arteries, and regularity of heart rate after completing the exercise, evidence of good health.
Ensure that the nails are healthy, and healthy nails are usually taut, and the skin around them is a scarlet color.
The natural color of urine is light, and this color indicates the health of the body and that its organs perform the functions assigned to them well, while the dark color indicates the presence of infections, kidney failure or urinary problems, and others.

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