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Cats growth stages

The birth of kittens

Cats growth stages
Most cats are born; So that her head comes out before the rest of her body, but some of them can be born vice versa, and usually the average number of cats per childbirth is four kittens, and the number of kittens can be one, or at least seven kittens, and the birth process lasts about half an hour From the time, the cats come out surrounded by a thin membrane, and the mother removes it with her teeth and tongue, and the weight of the cat at birth ranges from 100-142 grams, and its length is approximately 8 centimeters.
Cats growth stages
Cats up to six months old
At this stage, cats begin to grow rapidly, but they do not reach sexual maturity, and it is worth noting that the first six weeks are one of the fastest growth stages for cats; Where the cat requires at this stage complete care and appropriate food so that its growth develops, and the cats begin to go out of their den when they reach the first month of their life, and their growth, size, as well as their weight, depends on nutrition and genetic factors.
Kittens from six months to two years old
This stage is characterized by the large size of cats. As the cat gains its full size, learns how to preserve its life, and learns about the ways that keep it alive, and this stage of cat growth is parallel to a person at the age of 15 years, and the weight of cats in their sixth month is 2.3 kilograms, and when the age of cats approaches The first year their skeleton reaches full growth, and kittens are sexually mature from the age of (6-8 months).
Cats from three to ten years old
When the cat is 3-6 years old, it becomes more mature, as its behavioral and physical maturity develops, and it also becomes active, flexible, and takes care of its health, and cats from seven to ten years old become mature just as a person becomes mature in the mid-forties or fifties.
Big cat from eleven to fourteen years old
The cat at this stage is like humans at the age of 70 years, and after the tenth year of the cat’s life has passed, its growth begins to gradually stop, and the level of activity decreases significantly at the end of this stage, and for this, it is preferable to pay attention to feeding cats during this period, and to be keen on providing veterinary care to them, This is to preserve its integrity.
Old cat over fifteen years old
Most cats do not reach the age of fifteen years or more, and it is also worth noting that they do not show any signs of aging.

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