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Best dogs in the world

German Shepherd dogs :

German Shepherd dogs
German Shepherd dogs are among the best types of guard dogs in the world, so they are widely used in guarding private property, homes, and livestock. Because of its intelligence, strength, and high speed of learning, it has been used in police and military departments; Due to its loyalty and great love for its owner.

Dobermann dogs :

Dobermann dog
This type of dog is distinguished by its agility, high speed, and loyalty to its owner, so it is used extensively in guarding, and it must be noted that it always feels distinguished from other types of dogs, in addition to its own pride.

Rottweiler dogs :

Rottweiler dogs
Rottweilers are considered to guard dogs by instinct and instinct and are known for their medium to a somewhat huge size, as they are distinguished by their sharp intelligence and their need for special and distinctive treatment from their owner. Because they may turn into ferocious dogs if their owners abuse their training or treat them.

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