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Benefits of the plank exercise

Exercise is generally considered one of the best activities that a person can do, as it is beneficial to him in all aspects and aspects. Exercise has the ability to develop and improve the human body, increase his fitness, and protect him from various diseases that may cause death to him if not corrected and treated Early on, it also increases a person’s self-confidence, removes worry and distress, and helps him build solid and strong social relationships, and many other benefits.
The plank exercise
One of the most prominent exercises that can provide a person with many benefits on a gold plate is the plank exercise, which is one of the exercises that have spread and become famous in recent times, due to its great and important benefits for the human body, and the following is how to perform this exercise in addition to the most prominent benefits that A person can derive it from practicing it regularly.
How to perform the plank exercise
The person lies on the ground on his stomach, then supports his body and raises it on the toes and forearms, with the need to tighten the entire muscles of the body to prevent the pain that may arise in the feet and arms, and such a position must be continued for half a minute with rest and pre-exercise again, and care must be taken. To continue this exercise daily with increasing the duration of the exercise gradually and daily, until the period lengthens, and the body gains greater benefit.
Benefits of the plank exercise
Strengthening the muscles of the human body, specifically the abdominal muscles, in addition to the buttocks and buttocks with each other, and also helps to increase the flexibility of the human muscles that surround each of the collarbone and the back, which surround his shoulders.
It significantly reduces neck pain that affects humans, as well as relieving lower back pain, and from here, the plank exercise has the ability to tighten the muscles that are located in such areas.
It treats the problem known as cellulite, and cellulite is one of the problems that come to a large extent for women, and it is about fatty lumps that accumulate under the skin, making the outer surface crooked and uneven, and this exercise reduces all the sagging that exists and accumulates in the buttocks and buttocks.
It improves the balance of the human body, by forcing some parts of the body to be anchored through certain positions during the performance of this exercise, and increasing the balance of the body increases the person’s mental balance.
A person’s mood improves by loosening the muscles that stiffen while sitting for long periods of time, as this helps improve a person’s psyche and adjusts his mood, as sitting for long periods of time disturbs them.


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