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7 tips to get rid of joint pain … Know them

Joint pain is one of the most common diseases around the world, especially among the elderly, which causes severe pain in the hands, neck, and joints, swelling, and redness in the affected area, and this may be due to hereditary diseases, obesity, and aging.
According to Newsmax, there are some tips for getting rid of joint pain, namely:

Tips to get rid of joint pain

1: Maintaining body weight, getting rid of obesity and fat accumulation, by following a healthy diet that contains fruits and vegetables and is low in sugars.

2: Stay away from fatty and salty foods so as not to cause joint pain and inflammation.

3: Avoid smoking, as it causes rheumatoid arthritis.

4: Eat more fish that contain a large proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, as studies have shown that they treat infections and protect the bones and joints.

5: Pay attention to exercising and walking to strengthen muscles and joints and get rid of infections.

6: Avoid alcoholic and soft drinks because they increase the risk of joint pain.

7: Take nutritional supplements that contain vitamin D and C, as they work to prevent osteoporosis and joint pain.

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