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5 healthy numbers that save your life

80/120 mm Hg normal body pressure :

This number is considered the ideal number for the normal rate of pressure in the body, and it is best to measure it periodically. Blood pressure is defined as the pressure that blood creates on the inner walls of the arteries through which it flows, as a result of the contraction and diastole of the heart. Blood pressure is measured by two readings: upper; It is known as systolic blood pressure, which represents the pressure resulting from the resistance of the walls of the arteries to the flow of blood in them during the heartbeat, and the lower extremities express the diastolic blood pressure, which represents the pressure during the period of the heart filling with blood between beats.
To prevent high blood pressure reading, it is best to follow the following tips:
Reducing the amount of salt consumed.
Not drinking alcohol.
Monitor blood pressure.
Doing exercises.
Eat a balanced diet.
Maintain a healthy weight.

101.6 and 88.9 cm waist circumference :

This number is considered the appropriate number for measuring the waist circumference if the waist circumference measured 88.9 cm or more for women, and 101.6 cm or more for men, this means an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and exposure to problems in the process of building and demolishing in the body, High blood pressure, and increased cholesterol readings.
It is important to know that measuring the waist circumference is an easy thing that can be done personally, such as if the person surrounds the waist area with tape or an inelastic thread, and then takes the measurement of this tape by the meter.

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