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5 foods that fight insomnia


Many people suffer from the problem of insomnia that prevents them from enjoying a quiet and comfortable sleep during the night, which causes a feeling of laziness and sleepiness during the day, and insomnia may occur due to several reasons; The most important of them are: Drink a lot of drinks that contain a high percentage of stimulants. Such as coffee and tea, or because of heavy meals for dinner, or because of smoking that contains nicotine, which causes stimulation of the brain and the occurrence of insomnia, which leads them to search for solutions in various possible ways, such as: taking medicines that are expensive and ineffective in Sometimes, knowing that it is possible to get rid of this problem by eating some natural foods that we will introduce you to in this article.
Five foods that fight insomnia
Fish :

Fish is one of the foods that contain many nutrients important to the health and safety of the body, as it contains omega-3 acids, in addition to the element tryptophan that stimulates the body to sleep and rest, by maintaining the stability of emotions, reducing stress, and thus stabilizing the state. Psychological, and moody, as it helps to get rid of age disease, relieve asthma, and shortness of breath, and fish also contains iodine, which activates memory.
Nuts :

Nuts contain many nutrients; Such as magnesium, which convert glucose into energy, and protein, and nuts also increase serotonin. It is a hormone that the brain produces when a person feels happy. It also contains the sleepy compound melatonin.

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